It’s a DLT or Distributed Ledger Technology which allows storage of data in chronology. Time-stamping ensures that once the data enter the ledger, it is impossible to delete. Although we cannot completely accept the fact that Blockchain is completely safe and secure, there is a slight possibility of the same. Hence, a continuous transformation is taking place in Blockchain technology that can make it hack-free. For now, let us focus on some of the key features which Blockchain has to offer which makes it establish a synergy with AI. Notable Features: Decentralization This is one of the most important features of Blockchain. It means that the data is not stored in a central location, rather its spread across the network. One can easily access the data anytime, anywhere. Immutability This feature of Blockchain makes data tamper-free. It means once the data gets entered in the ledger it is difficult to delete it. Thus making data safe and secured. Traceability Another factor that will make Blockahin contribute to AI is the traceability of data. It means that one can easily trace the data. Transparency It is also important that the platform must be transparent; it means establishing trust between two parties.