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In addition, we provide “Background” and “Resources” (including video clips, maps and links) below the questions to give students a better understanding of the news story. Sign-up to receive a FREE daily email with answers to the questions.April 20194/4/2019 - Sony’s facial recognition robot dog banned in Illinois - CNet4/3/2019 - U.S. Navy leads training to fight pirates - AP at Navy Times4/2/2019 - World #1 – Greenland’s shrinking glacier now growing again - Voice of America4/1/2019 - 40 Congressmen send letter asking Navy for SEAL’s release from pre-trial confinement - Military TimesMarch 20193/29/2019 - National Vietnam War Veterans Day - Cleveland Plain Dealer3/28/2019 - Google still secretly building censored search engine for China - The Intercept3/27/2019 - European Union votes to stop moving clocks twice a year - Compiled from Sky News, BBC, DW and Reuters3/26/2019 - World #1 – Russian military planes seen landing in Venezuela - Reuters3/25/2019 - PA legislation to protect babies with Down syndrome - Times Leader3/18/2019 - Spring Break 20193/15/2019 - A rise in depression among teens could be linked to social media use- NPR3/14/2019 - Trump pushing allies hosting US troops to cover full cost of deployment plus some extra - Compiled from UK Daily Mail and Telegraph3/13/2019 - Middle school bans food delivery services for students - ABC News5 Cleveland3/12/2019 - World #1 – Days-long blackout in Venezuela has killed 21 people- The UK Guardian3/11/2019 - High school student saves for over 2 years to buy his friend a new wheelchair - KTHV, NY Post and CNN3/8/2019 - Philadelphia becomes first U.S. city to ban cashless stores - Compiled from PhillyVoice and the WSJ3/7/2019 - CBP officials: Surge in migrants at Mexico border - New York Post and El Paso Times3/6/2019 - Trump terminates preferential trade status to India, Turkey- UPI3/5/2019 - World #1 – U.S. deploys THAAD missile defense system to Israel - Reuters3/4/2019 - Judge rules women are not exempt from draft registration - CNN Wire and UPI3/1/2019 - Trump cuts short North Korea summit saying: ‘Sometimes you have to walk’ - Fox NewsFebruary 20192/28/2019 - Senate Democrats block Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act - Fox News2/27/2019 - US press booted from Vietnam hotel - New York Post2/26/2019 - World #1 – Botswana considers ending ban on elephant hunting - UPI, BBC, NY Post, WAMU and Reuters2/25/2019 - FAA requires drones to list ID number on exterior - Reuters2/22/2019 - U.S., Central America launch plan to crack down on people smugglers - Reuters2/21/2019 - Effort to lower voting age to 16 in Oregon - Compiled from Oregon Statesman Journal, OPB and WGNO2/19/2019 - World #1 – Iran bans pop group after female guitarist sings solo - France 242/18/2019 - George Washington, Father of our Country2/15/2019 - Abraham Lincoln – The Great Emancipator2/14/2019 - California to Pull Troops from US-Mexico Border in Rebuke to Trump - Compiled from Reuters, US News and Press TV2/13/2019 - CA to scale back $77 billion high-speed rail project - Reuters2/12/2019 - World #1 – Thai princess running for prime minister in historic first - UPI2/11/2019 - Indiana lawmakers consider requiring students to pass citizenship test - UPI2/8/2019 - US astronauts heading back to space on American rockets in July: NASA- New York Post2/7/2019 - State police unions unanimously oppose legalizing marijuana - New York Post2/6/2019 - 2019 State of the Union - Compiled from CNN, Bloomberg and Politico2/5/2019 - World #1 – Iran bans dog walking in public in effort to discourage dog ownership - New York Post2/1/2019 - CBP Makes Largest Fentanyl Bust Ever at Arizona Border - NBC NewsJanuary 20191/31/2019 - Too cold for mail: Polar vortex brings subzero temps to Midwest, USPS suspends service - AP at ABC 7 News1/30/2019 - New trend: Busloads of migrants dropped off in Mexico walk across border into U.S. - CNN1/29/2019 - World #1 – Poland: Memorial held at Auschwitz on International Holocaust Remembrance Day - Compiled from EuroNews and NPR1/28/2019 - Next year, the US will export more energy than it imports. That hasn’t happened since 1953 - CNN Business1/25/2019 - U.S. recognizes assembly leader as interim president of Venuzeula- UPI1/24/2019 - Supreme Court agrees to hear first gun rights case in a decade - UPI1/23/2019 - Fuller video casts new light on Covington Catholic students’ encounter with Native American elder - USA Today1/22/2019 - World #1: Turkey seeks arrest of New York Knicks player Enes Kanter - Compiled from WSJ and FoxNews1/18/2019 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day 20191/17/2019 - Justice Department says all interstate online gambling is illegal - Fortune and AP1/16/2019 - 2019 State of the State addresses1/15/2019 - World #1 – Group of Lima nations to deny entry to Venezuelan officials - UPI1/14/2019 - New York state officials fighting legalization of marijuana - New York PostDecember 201812/19/2018 - (Back on Jan. 14) – Teen vaping declared an epidemic - ABC News12/19/2018 - Merry Christmas and Happy 2019!12/18/2018 - World #1 – Gandhi statue removed in Ghana - BBC News with NY Post12/17/2018 - Trump administration announces sweeping change to US policy for Africa - VOA (Voice of America) News12/14/2018 - U.S. pushes U.N. to ban Iran from pursuing nuclear weapons - Reuters12/13/2018 - Trump signs order aimed at revitalizing economically distressed communities - The Hill12/12/2018 - Google CEO denies any bias in the company - CBN News12/11/2018 - World #1 – Italy: Suspected mafia members arrested in coordinated international raids - France2412/10/2018 - New York City Police Department unveils new drone system - CNN12/7/2018 - Payless fools social media influencers with a fake luxury store - Fox News12/6/2018 - Oldest U.S. survivor of Pearl Harbor dies at 106 - AP / SunJournal12/5/2018 - Former President George H.W. Bush remembered - Reuters12/4/2018 - World #1 – Denmark to banish foreign criminals to remote island- London's Daily Telegraph12/3/2018 - More than 1,000 aftershocks rock region after big quake in Alaska - CNNNovember 201811/30/2018 - Fearing espionage, U.S. weighs tighter rules on Chinese students- Reuters11/29/2018 - Trump to have packed schedule of bilateral meetings at G20 - Reuters11/28/2018 - Ukraine declares martial law after Russia attacks military ships - New York Post11/27/2018 - World #1 – Czechs join other EU states rejecting U.N. migration plan - Reuters11/26/2018 - Mexico agrees to, then denies, deal to house asylum seekers in Mexico - New York Post11/16/2018 - Thanksgiving 201811/15/2018 - Trump announces his support for criminal justice reform legislation, saying it’s ‘the right thing to do’ - Compiled from CNN, Fox, CNBC, NPR11/14/2018 - Hamas, Israel trade heavy fire after deadly incursion - New York Post11/13/2018 - U.S. #1 – ILLINOIS: ‘Ghost’ soldier gets hero’s welcome - Chicago Daily Herald11/9/2018 - Veterans Day 2018 – Bells to ring 100 years after the end of WWI - Stars and Stripes11/8/2018 - Trump third president in 100 years to gain Senate seats in midterm election while losing House seats - MarketWatch11/7/2018 - China’s latest recognition technology can ID people by how they walk - AP at New York Post11/6/2018 - World #1 – World war what??- USA Today and VOA News11/5/2018 - Record-breaking early voting in 2018 midterms - New York Post11/2/2018 - Why you should care about state elections and ballot measures - NCSL.org11/1/2018 - Trump says birthright citizenship ‘will be ended one way or the other’ - Compiled from Reuters and The Epoch TimesOctober 201810/31/2018 - What you need to know before the midterm election - Los Angeles Times10/30/2018 - World #1 – Conservative beats socialist in Brazil presidential election - Reuters10/29/2018 - DHS unveils Trump’s first completed border wall project - Washington Examiner10/26/2018 - Amazon met with ICE officials to sell its facial recognition system - The Washington Post10/25/2018 - Judge blocks New Hampshire law requiring new voters show proof of residency - Reuters10/24/2018 - Trump confirms U.S. to end nuclear arms treaty with Russia - UPI10/23/2018 - World #1 – Norwegian WW2 hero who thwarted Nazis’ nuclear ambitions in daring raid dies at 99 - Reuters10/22/2018 - Highway crashes up in states that legalized marijuana - UPI10/19/2018 - ‘Simply not flushable’: Thousands of pounds of wipes clog sewer system - Compiled from reports at WDSU, ABCNews4, Live5News, Post and Courier10/18/2018 - Honduras, Guatemala move to stop migrant caravan after Trump threatens to cut aid - Compiled from Associated Press and Reuters10/17/2018 - US targets 5 criminal organizations – to “take them off our streets for good” - Times of Israel10/16/2018 - World #1 – Saudi journalist who criticized crown-prince disappears - Reuters10/15/2018 - UN criticized over new human rights council members - BBC